Summer's Watching

Summer’s Watching is a Wake -n- Create original web-series presented by ALLNAMESTKN. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will release a webisode on Wednesdays consisting of various content. Summer’s Watching Wednesdays is here so get ready, because it’s going to be one hot summer.





ALLNAMESTKN began his journey to music by writing poetry that strongly represented the world he was living in at the time. Growing up in Dalworth and having incarcerated family members strongly influenced him to discover an outlet that was not only beneficial for himself, but also influential to everyone around him—poetry. He eventually learned how to play the keyboard and developed a talent for pairing moving lyrics with dynamic melodies that are felt long after the record is turned off.


As a new generation takes the reins, ALLNAMESTKN is needed now more than ever to remind us what music with a purpose sounds like. Pulling from his experiences, he is able to write, produce, and record music that is relatable to all walks of life; and in the same breath, inspire others to pursue greatness themselves.


The content featured in Summer’s Watching is comprised of bold concepts, nostalgia, and alludes to what we can continue to expect from ALLNAMESTKN.

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Summer's Watching

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